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Here is the complete correspondence to and from Franklin in which the armonica is mentioned at all, as well as a ship's log entry, and the remarkable diary entry by Elkanah Watson on Nov 19, 1781, in which he describes dining with Franklin in France, hearing Franklin play his armonica, and then their evening is interrupted with the news that the American Revolution has been won.

'PBF' refers to The Papers of Benjamin Franklin.

1762, Jul 13BF (London)Beccaria (Italy)10:126 ffHow Franklin Invented the Armonica and How To Build One
1762, Dec 7BFWilliam Strahan10:169"I hope he has got the Armonica in order"
UncertainBFMessrs. Huges & Co.10:180–182How To Make Armonica Glasses
Unknown[Grey] CooperMr. Franklin at the bottom of Craven Street10:185Paying a Musical Visit
1763, Feb 26BF (Philadelphia)Cadwallader Colden10:205"I amused myself...contriving...a new musical instrument"
1763, Mar 25BF (Philadelphia)Mary Stevenson (London)10:235"I am vex'd with Mr. James...
1763, Nov 28BF (Philadelphia)Jonathan Williams (Boston)10:383"The Armonica Arrived Safe"
1763, Dec 11BF (Philadelphia)Sir Alexander Dick10:384"I play some of the softest Tunes on my Armonica.."
1764, Apr 21BF (Philadelphia)Jonathan Williams (Boston)11:178–179"It grieves me that the Glasses are not yet come"
1764, Sep 1BF (Philadelphia)William Strahan (London)11:333"The Musick of a new baby"
1764, Nov 3BF (Philadelphia)Jonathan Williams11:426–427"Glasses from London"
1764, Nov 6Benjamin HumphreysBF (Philadelphia)11:446Bill/receipt for armonica spindles
1765, Feb 14BF (London)Deborah Franklin (Philadelphia)12: 64"Put her on Practising on the Armonica"
1765, Oct 6–13?Deborah Franklin (Philadelphia)BF (London)12:294"[T]he Blewroom has the Armoneyca"
1766, Apr 28BF (London)Jonathan Williams (Boston)13:253"...I have not yet been able to procure one"
1766, Apr 28[Mary] RichBF (London)13:548A glass armonica hand-crank
1767, Jun–AugFrom [Mary] Rich (Grosvenor Square, London)BF (London)14:204"Miss Davies has been performing..."
1767, Jul 6BF (London)Rudolph Erich Raspe (Hanover)14:210–11"I wish your Artist may succeed in making the Armonica
1769, Jan 5BFMichael Hillegas (Philadelphia)16: 8"...disappointed of your Glasses by their being broken..."
1769, Apr 15Michael Hillegas (Philadelphia)BF (London)16:111" much Obliged...for the making of Glasses..."
1769, Nov 25Michael Hillegas (Philadelphia)BF (London)16:236Still no armonica glasses
1771, May 20Beccaria (Turin)BF (London)18:109–110"...your new and really harmonious harpsichord with glasses..."
1772, Jan 17William Outram (London)(Ship's Log)19: 38" take care of buying and shipping a good armonica"
1772, Sep 28Count of Belgioso (London)BF (London)19:305"...where the person lives who makes the Glasses..."
1772, Dec 8BF (London)Jacques Barbeu-Dubourg19:422"Some on the side, some on the edge..."
1775, May 20Jonathan Williams Jr. (London)BF (London)22: 49"the Plan of your Armonica improved..."
1775, Jun 7Jonathan Williams Jr. (London)BF (London)22: 61Armonica repair went well
1778, Jan 29Cecilia Davies (Paris)BF (Paris)25:543Dinner Invitation
1778, Jan 30Cecilia Davies (Paris)BF (Paris)25:550Dinner Invitation Declined
1778, Sep 24Cecilia Davies (Paris)BF (Paris)27:456Schmoozing Franklin
1778, Jul 14Richard Bache (Philadelphia)BF (Paris)27:88ff"Your Armonica is safe"
1778, Dec 10 (?)BF (Passi)Madame Brillon (Passi)28:215Paradise
1779, Nov 1Franz MesmerBF (Passi)31: 5Invitation
1779, Nov 1Madame Brillon (Passi)BF (Passi)31: 8More on 'Paradise'
1779 (?)BF (Passi)Unknown31:311ff"Some Directions for the Drawing out the Tone from the Glasses of the Armonica"
1780, Dec 10BF (Passi)Madame Brillon (Passi)34:145"...he had the patience to listen to me play..."
1781, Nov 19Watson's Diary(His diary)36: 73ffFranklin plays his armonica, hears that the Revolution is won
1782, Jul 25FaeshBF37:676–7Who is an armonica supplier?
1783, Aug 10A. C. G. Deudon (Paris)BF (Paris)N/AImprovements to the Armonica
1783, Apr 26thMarianne Davies (Florence)BF (Paris)N/AAppeal for help
1783, Oct 17Marianne Davies (Florence)BF (Paris)N/AAnother Appeal for Help
1784, Jul 1The Count de Saluces (Turin)BF (Paris)N/AKeyboard Armonica
1784, Jul 5BF (Paris)The Count de Saluces (Turin)N/AKeyboard Armonica